What kind of quality can I expect from your apparel?

We only offer quality that you can trust with our consistently high quality products. Printing and shipping are big parts of the equation, and that’s why we have partnered with industry leader Spreadshirt to fulfill your order using vibrant, durable on-demand print methods and comfortable garments from well-known brands like American Apparel, Bella+Canvas, Gildan and more.

What printing methods do you use?

All of the items for sale in our online shop are printed on-demand using best-in-class plot-printing vector techniques. We do not employ low quality rasterized (bitmap) digital transfer processes that are used by some customized merchandise creation sites.

We typically use flex or flock printing, both of which produce vibrant colours with crisp edges. Flex print is a smooth, flexible material that barely changes after 100 washes. Flock printing creates a soft, velvety/fuzzy surface and is similarly durable.

Why do the prices for certain combinations of shirt and designs vary?

With regards to the designs, the use of multiple colours in the plot-printing process adds to the production costs. Where possible we try to minimize this cost at design time, but when we feel a design merits that little more workmanship, it will typically be reflected in the cost.

With regards to the shirts, we offer a variety of styles, each with a different cost. Once again, this affects the price.

If you are Canadian, why are your products manufactured in the US?

True North Gear operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. However, in order to offer the variety of our products and designs, we have partnered with a company that handles the order process, manufacturing and distribution of our products. After much research and testing, we determined that Spreadshirt offered the highest quality of product available and their shipping rates were very competitive. All production is currently handled at their facility in Greensburg, PA.

None of the Canadian based apparel fulfilment companies currently offer the plot-printing technique that is currently used to create our apparel. We are in the process of testing the quality of products available with on-demand printing in Canada and hope to be able to offer this option soon. Stay connected with us to find out more.

Can I make returns and exchanges?

Yes you can. Our fulfilment partner Spreadshirt's return policy is great. If you don't like your shirt for whatever reason you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, or exchange, so long as it wasn't something you created yourself. Full details on our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee can be found here.

Where do you ship and what will it cost?

We can deliver to almost any country. Please see our shipping page for our current shipping options.

Will I have to pay sales tax on my order?

Because our fulfilment partner is located in the USA, certain States will be charged Sales Tax during checkout.

Respective to each state’s taxation, orders delivered to the following states will incur the associated state sales tax. This list is subject to change:

  • California: Shipping is non-taxable, but an 8-10% (variance according to where in the state the order is delivered) state sales tax will be incurred on all items delivered to California.
  • Massachusetts: Both shipping and clothing are non-taxable, but a 6.25% state sales tax will be incurred on all non-clothing items delivered to Massachusetts.
  • Nevada: Shipping is non-taxable, but an 8.1% state sales tax will be incurred on all items delivered to Nevada.
  • Pennsylvania: Clothing is non-taxable, but a 6% (7% in the Pittsburgh area) state sales tax will be incurred for all non-clothing items delivered to Pennsylvania. Please note: In Pennsylvania, if the product is taxable, then the shipping is also taxable.
  • Texas: All items are taxable (shipping, as well) and a 6.25-8.25% (variance according to where in the state the order is delivered) sales tax will be incurred on all items delivered to Texas.

Unfortunately, customs and countries outside of the USA sometimes place taxes and/or duties on packages arriving in countries across the world from the USA. We cannot control these additional charges. Many orders shipped via USPS to Canada are not charged duty and taxes at customs, but all orders are subject to these fees. Having your order shipped to a border parcel service is also an option.

How can I stay informed about new products, discounts, and free shirt contests?

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